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Preventative Maintenance

Oil Change in Gloversville, NY

Cars that last over a decade have one thing in common: preventative maintenance.

Throughout the life of your vehicle, the manufacturer expects you to visit an automotive service center for factory scheduled maintenance. This includes common services like oil changes and tire rotations, as well as component inspections at specified mileage intervals. You may also need to replace system parts, like brake pads and rotors, as identified in your owner's manual.

Following your maintenance schedule not only helps you get the longest life from your vehicle, it also keeps your car or truck covered under the factory warranty and extended warranties.

It makes sense. Your car manufacturer doesn't want to pay out for a vehicle that hasn't been taken care of properly. Automotive maintenance saves you money in the long run by reducing the chance for unexpected problems to occur and by ensuring you're covered if something does go wrong that shouldn't.

Learn About Preventative Maintenance Services

Properly maintaining your vehicle goes well beyond changing your oil and rotating the tires. Adirondack Express Lube makes preventative maintenance easy with quick, expert, affordable service on your car, truck, or SUV.

We provide preventative maintenance for customers in Gloversville, NY, Amsterdam, NY, Johnstown, NY, and surrounding areas.

Come to us for all your automotive maintenance needs, including:

Fuel System Cleaning: As you drive, dirt and other debris can collect inside the fuel system and ultimately clog your fuel filter, pump, and injectors. A fuel system cleaning service removes blockages, improving vehicle performance and fuel economy.

Coolant Flush: A coolant flush  helps your engine continue to operate in the safest temperature range. Radiator coolant needs to be changed at certain intervals, because it breaks down and becomes less effective over time. During a coolant or radiator flush, technicians remove all of the old coolant and add new coolant. 

Automatic Transmission Flush: During a transmission flush, technicians remove the oil in your transmission and run new oil through it. During the process, sludge buildup is pushed out thanks to a special machine used during the process. Not sure if you need a full transmission flush? Ask our staff when it's most appropriate to change the fluid and when it's wiser to have the transmission flushed.

Automatic Transmission Flush with Filter: This is an automatic transmission flush (see above) with filter replacement. The transmission filter prevents metal shavings and other contaminants from reaching the transmission fluid. Over time, it will become clogged. Replacing it before it becomes so clogged it causes problems is an important part of automotive maintenance. Check your owner's manual for recommended transmission filter replacement intervals.

Automatic Transmission Drain & Fill: A transmission drain removes dirty fluid from the transmission pan and fills it with new fluid. For this service, not all transmission fluid is removed. Since only some new fluid is added, a transmission drain and fill is a more cost-effective option vs a flush. However, the best option depends on your vehicle and its current level of fluid contamination. Consult with a member of our team if you're not sure which service to choose.

Automatic Transmission Service: Our automatic transmission service includes draining your transmission fluid, refilling it, and replacing the filter.

Manual Transmission Service: During a manual transmission service, technicians drain and fill the fluid. By dilating the amount of dirty fluid remaining, a manual transmission service improves vehicle performance.

Power Steering Flush: If you notice your steering isn't as sharp as it once was, a power steering flush may provide the remedy. The power steering system is responsible for helping you turn your wheels when driving at low speeds. Good steering fluid is required for the system to work as intended. As parts in your vehicle begin to wear with time and use, contaminants will get into to the power steering fluid. During a flush, the fluid is replaced with new fluid to restore and maintain power steering performance.

Brake Flush: Don’t just replace worn parts in your brake system, but also protect your vehicle with a brake fluid flush at the appropriate times. Brake fluid is essential to your brake system and ability to stop safely. Like other automotive fluids and lubricants, it can become contaminated over time. A brake flush removes your dirty brake fluid and replaces all of it with new fluid. Check your owner's manual for recommended brake flush intervals.

4x4 Check: Our technicians are ready to keep your 4x4 in top condition. Have us check your fluids and inspect your vehicle for leaks.

TPMS Programming: Before you can use some aftermarket sensors for your Tire Pressure Monitoring System, you need to program them to your vehicle. We can program your TPMS sensors at our shop and reset your TPMS light when necessary.

Tune Up: During a tune up, your fuel system parts are checked for clogs or damage. Spark plugs are inspected and replaced as needed, and other adjustments are made as necessary to ensure your engine continues to run like it should.

Battery Service: We perform a variety of battery services to keep your vehicle dependable. Our staff can test your battery, so you can make an informed decision about the best time for replacement. If you need a new battery, we can install one for you. We're also able to keep your battery connections clean to help you avoid unexpected electrical system problems. If you notice corrosion buildup on the battery terminals or need another battery service, contact us today.

Differential & Transfer Case Service: Avoid more costly issues by making sure the fluids in the transfer case and differentials are checked for signs of problems.

Winter Service Check: We’ll help get your vehicle ready for the differences that come along with driving in winter conditions. Winter checkups are a great preventive practice that prep your vehicle for cold and below zero temperatures. Having your vehicle winterized helps prevent problems that could leave you on the side of the road in winter.

Tire Rotation: A tire rotation helps control the rate at which your tires wear. Changing the position of each tire is important, because tires wear at different rates depending on where they are installed. For example, your front right tire might hit pot holes frequently on turns, while your front and rear left tires miss them. In addition, front tires have the weight of the engine to support, while rear tires don't. It's recommended you rotate your tires every 6 months to maximize tire performance and life.

This is a sample of the maintenance services available at Adirondack Express Lube. We perform mileage services at all levels and can abide by the schedule in your owner's manual to ensure everything is serviced that should be when it should be. If you have any questions, call or contact us online today.

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Where Do I Go for Preventative Maintenance in Gloversville, NY?

You might think your best bet is to go to the nearest dealer in Gloversville, NY for car care. However, you don't need a dealer to keep your factory warranty valid. That's been true since 1975, thanks to something called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act protects you when choosing where to go for automotive service. Under it, you're allowed to go to an independent automotive service center and use aftermarket parts for repairs and maintenance. Your factory warranty will remain intact as long as you follow the maintenance schedule.

Adirondack Express Lube provides preventive maintenance for Gloversville, NY, Amsterdam, NY, Johnstown, NY, and surrounding areas.

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